Spring, Lent, and the vernal equinox bring to mind some oxymora like reflective activity, reassuring instability, and purposeless busyness.  I love spring for all these contradictions.

Nature is experiencing a big change, and growing pains.  Wildlife around my house and the neighborhood is a reflection of this change.  Nidification is taking place for the Carolina Chickadees in my small birdhouse.  Some nests are already built and awaiting new life for the neighboring Robins and Cooper Hawks.  My backyard has become a frequent repose for 4 does.  They like to feed on my leftover acorns.  I suspect that one of them is pregnant.  I tried unsuccessfully to photograph a brilliantly rich, cinnamon- colored fawn in the adjacent yard early last June.  Since the fawn looked very thin and stood on wobbly legs, I presume that it couldn’t have been but a few days old.

Radical changes occur in our weather systems here in the Ohio Valley. Sunlight hurriedly comes and goes. Easily, I get drawn into a vortex of mood changes.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than to produce another painting, attend another exhibit opening, and capture the perfect photograph.  Self doubt seeps into my soul like storm water.  What if none of this comes to fruition? Anxiously, purposefully, but reverently as I am caught up in my activity, I need to stop and remind myself of God’s glory and promise of abundant life that follows.

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