Western Findings – No. 3

After we stopped at the newest addition to Glacier National Park, St. Mary’s Lodge and Resort for lunch, we needed to drive on SR 89 just a little bit farther to Babb, Montana. A paved road heading west would take us inside the park and to the entrance of Many Glacier Hotel. Immediately, we hiked around the grounds of the hotel. Since the parking lot sits above and away from the hotel, gorgeous vistas surrounded us.
Early evening brought a family of wild mountain goats with a couple of kids to feed in the front of the hotel. They were the entertainment during dinner as we watched from the hotel’s dining room. One adult goat (a mother, we presume) tried unsuccessfully to chase away a younger adult goat. We were told from a veteran employee that it’s her way of telling the older child (most probably a male), “it’s time for you to strike out on your own”.
I was excited but anxious to see grizzly and black bear. Unfortunately, huckleberries, the staple of the bears’ diet, were not yet in season. Therefore, hardly a bear was in sight. I have been told that this hillside, behind the hotel in this photograph, the northeastside of the lake by the hotel entrance, does bear (pardon the pun) an abundance of berries along with the feeding bears.